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1st Module : Attendance Link Emergence of Design as a distinct practice LIVE (18 May at 04.00 PM)

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1st Module : Emergence of Design as a distinct practice LIVE (18 May at 04.00 PM)
Live class link https://youtu.be/lLUjiVhCU5w

Attendance Link – https://forms.gle/ywv8RseU9UjELrxAA

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  1. Great course to understand the social strucutre and the evolution of the Europian Continent and how our minds evolved.
    The case study approach made it more interesting to understand the design from many dimensions and looking to the evolution
    Ajanta Sen Mam you explained it very well
    Thankyou so much Mam

  2. Very good morning sir. When I gave the test I got one correct in five Questions. After that when I see the answer then I find that I know all the answer but on that time I didn’t tick the right option. I want to say that sir please
    Please give a passage there that helps us to remember about that Question. If you done this,that is very good for us.
    . And one more thing sir we in this course many of students who is in first year in graduation. So please remember that sir so please language mode in bilangual it helps to understand the class properly. Thanks for reading this comment.

  3. in module 1 assignment 2, you said cave paintings came first. but without tools how would we have painted them? It was storytelling that came first but recording them as cave paintings came only after we invented tools right? even in the slides Blades (which are tools) are shown to be invented before grinding stones and pigment processing both of which are essential for cave paintings. please clarify this sir.


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